• Our Advantage

    Our Advantage

    The company is mainly engaged in various kinds of ficus bonsai, cactus, succulent plants, cycas, fortune tree, bougainvillea ,lucky bamboo and other high-quality ornamental and green plants. Our company adopts the business model of "company + base + farmers", integrates ...
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  • Our Plants

    Our Plants

    Ficus Microcarpa with fantastic and big root and lush foliage,ficus microcarpa bonsai show you bontanicl art and amazing power of nature.telling you China ancient culture and show you grower wisdom and imagin of bonsai.Very suitable for landscaping and garden choice. The...
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  • Why choose us ?

    Why choose us ?

    We are professional. We have more than ten years of experience in plants export. We have also handled many orders. Giving the orders to a professional team can make you feel relaxed. We are also very professional in plants loading. We can accurately judge how many trees ...
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