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Today I want to share with you the knowledge of Zamioculcas.I think Zamioculcas you all know it very well. It is Perennial evergreen herb, extremely rare foliage plant with underground tubers. The ground part has no main stem, the adventitious buds germinate from the tuber to form large compound leaves, and the leaflets are fleshy with short petioles, firm and dark green. The underground part is hypertrophy tuber. Pinnate compound leaves are drawn from the tip of the tuber, the axial surface of the leaf is strong, and the leaflets are opposite or subopposite on the axis of the leaf. Bud green, boat-shaped, fleshy spike inflorescence shorter.

Native to savanna climate zone of low rainfall in eastern Africa, it was introduced to China in 1997. It is an indoor foliage plant and is used to purify indoor air. Its newly drawn pinnate compound leaves are almost 2 each time, one long and one short, one thick and one thin, so it has the nickname “dragon and phoenix wood”, and symbolic meaning: make money and treasure, glory and wealth.

Zamiculcas have many sizes and different pot size different prices. We are selling 120# 150# 180# 210# these four sizes. The Zamiculcas can be a good decoration in room. In China, many family will send their friends and relatives the Zamiculcas as a girt when they have a promotion. Wish the nice plants can bring happiness ans wealth to them.

The proper climate for Zamiculcas living is 20-32 degree. Every summer, when the temperature reaches more than 35℃, the plant growth is not good, should be covered by black net shade and water to the surrounding environment and other measures to cool down, to create a suitable space temperature and relatively dry environment. In winter, it is best to maintain the shed temperature above 10℃. If the room temperature is lower than 5℃, it is easy to lead to cold injury of plants, which seriously endangers their survival. At the end of autumn and the beginning of winter, when the temperature drops below 8℃, it should be promptly moved to the room with sufficient light. During the whole wintering period, the temperature should be kept between 8℃ and 10℃, which is more safe and reliable.

That is all I want to share with you. Thanks.

Post time: May-10-2023