Do you know Adenium Obsum? “Desert Rose”

Hello, Very good morning.Plants is a good medicine in our daily life. They can let us calm down. Today I want to share with you a kind of plants "Adenium Obesum". In China, people called them" Desert Rose". It has two versions. One is single flower, the other one is double flowers.I introduce what is " Adenium Obesum" first and then I reply what about the single flower and double flowers.

Adenium Obesum belongs to Apocynaceae. It is succulent or small trees. Adenium Obesum is fond of high temperature, drought, dry, sunny, and well-ventilated climate environment. It likes loose, porous and well-drained sandy loam rich in calcium, tolerant of drought and shade, resistant to waterlogging, resistant to thick and raw fertilizers, and afraid of cold. It is suitable for growing at a temperature of 25-30℃, requiring fertile, loose and well-drained sandy loam. The main propagation methods are sowing propagation and cutting propagation. It was called " Desert Rose" because the origin country near desert and the flowers is red like rose.

At present,  Adenium Obsum double flowers are grafted, using the original Adenium Obesum single flower as rootstock for grafting. The single flowers means only one step of petal and double flowers means two or more than two steps of petal.  We all have and on sale. We also have small seedlings of Adenium Obesum. It with pure  peatmoss and plants in planet. When we ready for shipment, we will take off the planet and use bags to pack them with some pure peatmoss. If you don't want to buy big plants,small seedlings also a good choosion for you.

The Adenium Obesum plant is short,  shape is simple and vigorous,  rhizomes are fat like wine bottle. Every year in April - May and September - October two flowers, bright red, like a trumpet, extremely chic,  people planted small courtyard, simple and dignified, natural and generous. Potted ornamental, decorative indoor balcony unique.


Post time: May-17-2023