Share The Knowledge Of Sansevieria With You.

Good morning, dear friends. Hope everything goes well and welcome to our website. Today I want to share with you the knowledge of Sansevieria. Sansevieria is very hot sale as a home decoration.

The flowering phase of Sansevieria is November and December. There are many varieties of sansevieria, plant shape and leaf color change greatly, strong adaptability to the environment. Suitable for decorating study, living room, office, for a long time to enjoy.

Now our company is selling 5 kinds of sansevieria. We have small size sansevieria, middle size sansevieria,big size sansevieria, also the hard leave sansevieria and rare root sansevieria.

The small size sansevieria is the height is no more than 20cm sansevieria. Usually one pcs to one pot. It’s very suitable for desk decoration.The hot sale species is Lotus sanseviera,Black kingkong sanseviera,Golden hahnii sanseviera and so one.

The middle size sansevieria size in H20-50cm. It have 2 pcs to one pot or 3pcs to one pot. We also have the Hydroponic sansevieria. Also very hot sale now. sanseveria superba do you have ever heard? Nice shape and figure.

The big size sansevieria is the height more than 50cm. It will more pcs in one pot. The sansevieria all planted with pure cocopeat. It’s very suitable as import and export plants.

The hard leaves sansevieria is also many kinds. Such as Sansevieria cylindrica,braided Sansevieria cylindrica. Also very hot sale in Indonesia market.

We also sell the rare root sansevieria too many countries. If you are in urgent need of the sansevieria can choose rare root sansevieria by air plane also can by vessel.

We usually will use the cartons to pack the sansevieria also the wooden cartons.

That’s all the knowledege I want to share with you. If you need sansevieria, pls kindly send the inquiry to us for more details, our garden will provide the best service to you.



Post time: Nov-22-2022