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Money Tree Pachira macrocarpa

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Pachira Mzcrocarpa,Malabar Chestnut,Money Tree


Zhangzhou Ctiy,Fujian Province,China


30cm,45cm,75cm,100cm,150cm, height


1.Prefer high-temperature and high-humidity climate

2.Not hardy in cold temperature

3.Prefer acid soil

4.Prefer plenty of sunlight

5.Avoid direct sunlight during the summer months


20c-30oC is good for its growth,temperature in winter not below 16oC


  1. 1.Perfect house or office plant
  2. 2.Typically seen in business,sometimes with red ribbons or other auspicious ornamentation ­­attached




Money-Tree-Pachira-microcarpa (2)




The pachira is shaped like an umbrella, the trunk is vigorous and simple, and the base of the stem is swollen and fat.
      The green leaves on the wheel are flat and the leaves are sleek and beautiful. The ornamental value is very high. In particular,it is cultivated and utilized after being compiled, which enhances the ornamental value and enhances the decorative effect. 
      At the same time, because of its strong adaptability to light, resistance to moisture, simple cultivation and maintenance, and is very suitable for indoor cultivation. Potted planting is used for indoor greening and beautification of homes, shopping malls,hotels, offices, etc., and can achieve better artistic effects. With its beautification hall, room, rich in the South China Seashore Phoenix Light, and meaning "get rich" to may people a beautiful wish!


Package & Loading:

Description:   Pachira Macrocarpa Money Tree

MOQ: 20 feet container for sea shipment, 2000 pcs for air shipment
Packing: 1.bare packing with cartons

                2.Potted, then with wood crates                         

Leading date: 15-30 days. 
Payment Terms: T/T (30% deposit 70% against original bill of loading).

                             Bare root packing/Carton/Foam box/wooden crate/Iron crate






1.How to maintain the rich tree?

You don't need to water the trees too much, and it doesn't matter if the soil is slightly dry. Sunshine should be enough, and the conservation environment should not be too overcast

2.What is the matter that the money tree have mucus?

For bonsai rich tree branches, leaves outflow transparent mucus phenomenon, is generally due to the plant suffered from the invasion of cotton blowers scale insects, or infected with green plant gum flow disease

3.How to cutting the rich tree

1. rich tree cuttings should be selected between June and August, the climate is suitable, will greatly improve the survival rate. 2. cuttings to choose the year born, robust, after pruning treatment in the rooting solution soak for a day, promote rooting. 3. after treatment, directly into the soil, pay attention to the control depth, about three centimeters. 4. after inserting to pour water permeable, maintenance in the shade. 5. pay attention to the late window ventilation, but also disinfection, so that cuttings can take root in a short time.

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