Foliage ornamental plants spiral lucky bamboo Dracaena Sanderiana

Short Description:

● Name:Foliage ornamental plants spiral lucky bamboo Dracaena Sanderiana

● Variety: Small and large sizes

● Recommend:Indoor or outdoor use

● Packing: carton

● Growing media: water /peat moss/ cocopeat

●Prepare time: about 35-90 days

●Way of transportation: by sea

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We are one of the largest growers and exporters of Lucky bamboo with moderate price in China.

which more than 10000 m2 growing basic and special nurseries  in Fujian Province and Canton province.

Warmly welcome to China and visit our nurseries.

Product Description


Dracaena sanderiana (lucky bamboo),With nice meaning of "Blooming flowers"and easy care advantage,lucky bamboos are now popular for housing and hotel decoration and best gifts for family and friends.

 Maintenance Detail

1.Directly add water into the bottles where lucky bamboo are put,you don‘t need to  change new water after the root come out.Should spray water on the leaves during summer.

2.lucky bamboo)are suitable to grow in 16-26 degree ,easy die in winter.

3. Put lucky bamboo indoor and in bright and ventilated environment.

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Our lucky bamboo nursery located in Zhanjiang,Guangdong,China, which takes 150000 m2 with the yearly output 9 million pieces of spiral lucky bamboo and 1.5 million pieces of lotus lucky bamboo. We  establish in the year of 1998,exported to Holland, Dubai, Japan, Korea, Europe, America, Southeast Asia, India, Iran, etc.With more than 20 years experience,competitive prices,excellent quality,and integrity,we win widely reputation from customers and cooperators both at home and abroad.

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1.How long can hydroponic lucky bamboo live?

Generally, hydroponic lucky bamboo can live for two or three years. When hydroponic lucky bamboo, you should pay attention to changing the water, and if you grow it for a period of time, you need to add some nutrient solution to it to delay aging, as long as it is well maintained. It can be maintained for two or three years.

2.The main pests and control methods of Lucky Bamboo?

The common diseases of Lucky Bamboo are anthracnose, stem rot, leaf spot and root rot. Among them, anthracnose will damage the leaves of plants and grow gray-white lesions, which need to be controlled with chlorothalonil and other drugs. Stem rot can cause rot at the base of the stem and yellowing of the leaves, which can be treated by soaking in Kebane solution. Leaf spot can cause lesions to grow on the leaves, which can be treated with hydratomycin. Root rot is treated with thiophanate-methyl.

3.How can lucky bamboo be greener?

Astigmatism: Put Lucky Bamboo in a position with soft astigmatism to promote chlorophyll synthesis.Scrub the leaves: Scrub the leaves with beer mixed with water to remove dust and keep them bright green.Supplementary nutrients: apply a thin nitrogen fertilizer every two weeksRoot pruning and ventilation: Put the plant in a ventilated place, and prune dead and rotten roots.

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