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Cycas like warm hot humid environment, not cold, very slow growth, life of about 200 years. In the tropical and subtropical south of southern China, trees more than 10 years old bloom and bear fruit almost every year, while the cycads cultivated in the Yangtze River Basin and northern parts of China often never bloom or occasionally bloom and bear fruit.Like light, like iron elements, slightly resistant to half Yin. When planting in the open field in Shanghai area, warm measures such as straw wrapping should be taken in winter. It likes fertile, moist and slightly acidic soil, but can tolerate drought. Slow growth, more than 10 years of plants can flower.

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Evergreen Bonsai High Quanlity Cycas Revoluta


Zhangzhou Fujian,China


with leaves,without leaves,cycas revoluta bulb
Head Style single head,multi head
Temperature 30oC-35oC for best growth
Below-10oC may cause frost damage






1、By sea:Inner packing plastic bag with coco peat to keep water for Cycas Revoluta,then put into container directly.2、By air:Packed with carton case

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T/T(30% deposit,70% against original bill of loading) or L/C


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1. Container packaging

    Inner packing plastic bag with coco peat to keep water for Cycas Revoluta, then put into container directly.

2. Wooden case packaging 

    After cleaning and disinfecting, put into wooden case

3. Cartoon case packaging

    After cleaning and disinfecting, put into cartoon case






1.The main pets and dieases of Cycas?

Cycad is prone to spot disease. At the beginning of the disease, 50% tobuzin is sprayed once every 10 days, and 1000 times of wet powder is used for 3 times

2.How long can the cycas live?

The cycas has a long life for more than 200 years.

3.What should we mention when we plant Cycas?

The fruits of cycad contain toxins, which can endanger human health and should not be eaten!


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